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You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs

I never knew bad dates could be so good.
— Kelly Ripa
We’re rooting for her to find everything she’s been missing – which turns out to be less than she imagines.
— Daily News
A provocative and intelligent look at the ways that people search for a meaningful life.
— Publisher’s Weekly
Loved the book!
— New York Times bestselling author and actress Fran Drescher
More than just a catalogue of loser guys and bad relationships, Graff’s smart and funny novel shows just how hard finding the right man can be and how easy it is for a relationship to fail.
— Booklist
…a jaunty trek through the dating minefield in search of Mr. Right. Karrie handles the frogs with heart, humor and hubris. Look for the sequel.
— Family Circle
Graff put the litany of losers, Casanovas, weirdos and plain old bad choices to work for her in her new book, You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs.
— Miami Herald
…this book ventures out of the frog pond in search of a deeper meaning of self worth and completion… a quirky spin that keeps you reading and keeps Karrie from giving up.
— Fit
Finally, Graff’s novel stands out from the rest simple in its quality – this is a well-written book.
If you’ve got a funny bone, Graff will latch on and refuse to let go.
Readers will enjoy Aimee’s chance to rediscover herself and to recognize what she truly values.
— Library Journal
Hilarity ensues.
On a scale from 1 to ten this gets 10 Stars...of David.
— Beyond Her Book, Publisher’s Weekly Blog
…some funny moments.
— USA Today
A light, fun read… amid the dead-on descriptions of Jewish life in New York (the author) slips in many profound observations.
— The Jerusalem Post

Looking for Mr.Goodfrog

This book’s hilarious! I can so totally relate!
Navigating the cyber pond with Karrie Kline while Looking for Mr. Goodfrog leaves one laughing on the outside while your heart is breaking on the inside! I found it ribbiting.
— Jamie Gertz, actress
Graff… offers a fun tour of New York, and readers will welcome the return of her smart narrator.
— Publishers Weekly
…sweet and satisfying.
— Chicago Sun-Times
Readers will be happy… and will eagerly turn the pages…
— Booklist

The Shiksa Syndrome

Graff’s prose crackles with winning wit.
— Publishers Weekly
Graff’s latest is by turns funny and poignant as she explores religious identity and modern relationships
— Booklist
The entertaining blend of farcical scenarios and quick-fire prose finds an unexpected poignancy…
— Daily News
The zany scenarios propel the novel but belie a powerful moral core about identity and cultural perceptions.
— Jewish Living Magazine
Saturating this fluffy romantic comedy of errors is a more subtle commentary about religion and identity that raises the question: How much of yourself do you have to give up in order to be with someone else?
— San Francisco Chronicle
A witty read with the satisfying crunch of crusty rye and the sting of hot mustard, no matter what you put between the slices.
— Jewish News of Greater Phoenix