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Did you know The Shiksa Syndrome, was included in an academic text, The White Other, challenging Woody Allen and Philip Roth’s view of shiksas? Most recent Laurie has completed, and looks forward to selling

Til Dog Do Us Part, a brand new novel about relationships, featuring a love triangle where the third party is the pet.

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Manhattan publicist Aimee Albert knows a good spin, and sets her world reeling when she pretends she's not Jewish to catch a Jewish guy!


The chick-lit hit spans fifteen years of bad dates in the life of single, Jewish actress, Karrie Kline, taking place in New York and Los Angeles.


Actress, Karrie Kline, turns her dating stories into a successful one-woman show. But has her quest to put her bad-date karma to good use turned her into a dating pariah?

See Laurie in the Book Trailer

See Laurie in the Book Trailer

Narrated by Laurie

Laurie in a Dating Documentary

Narrated by Laurie


Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood. This fascinating collection features a star-studded group of contributors -- including Margaret Cho, Wendy Liebman, Laurie Graff, and other accomplished, funny women -- writing about why they opted out of motherhood.


In Graff's essay, Knot Tied Up in a Bow, Laurie Graff looks at the men in her life and concludes a hugely important twenty-something lesson: that life is continually evolving, and that the search for self rarely culminates in a tidy, perfect bow.


In Graff's, The Eight Dates Of Hanukkah, a blow to the head puts singles events planner Nicki Heller in a Hanukkoma! Trapped in the unconscious world of Menoravhille, she celebrates Hanukkah on an endless loop, with a date from hell for each night.


Looking for Mr. Goodfrog,

translated into Italian.


You Have to Kiss a lot of Frogs, translated into Italian.


This chick-lit hit received a reissue. Check out Laurie’s Foreward.


You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs, translated into Dutch.


You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs, translated into Italian.


Laurie wrote the Preface for the reissue of this 1936 original chick-lit guidebook to being single in the city.

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